Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Owl ~ Power Animal ~ Truth

Have you been 'seeing' Owl? in your dreams, on tv, in 'real life' up in the trees, sitting on telephone wires, seeing "owl" on pamphlets delivered to your door etc?  
'Messages' like this can be your guides way of getting your attention and using Owl as a symbol to you and for you to sit up and pay attention....SEE THE TRUTH. 

As well as bringing an ability to see the truth, to realize the truth, Owl also brings to us a deep and rich inner knowing, WISDOM.  This ability to see into every situation (regardless of the darkness of any situation) and come out with an inner knowing on the truth. Often when we are plunged into situations where there is a confusion, struggle, angst - it is Owl that comes forth and assists us with capabilities and connections with the TRUTH that we previously did not know that we were able to  connect with. Trust in Owl's guidance and the messages that come forth as a result of this trust. Open your eyes, ears and mind to the truth....stay mindful of that 'still, small voice' that speaks within. Owl can reach us more clearly in dreamtime and so pay particular attention to messages revealed to you in the night - this is when Owl can see most clearly and the energy is the strongest. 

Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner ®
Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master/Teacher
Intuitive Life Path Guide
Energy Healer