Sunday, July 29, 2012

Olympic Inspiration!

I have to tell you that watching the opening ceremonies of this year's Olympics I was (once again) completely emotionally engulfed with the feeling of overwhelming global love and togetherness.
There have been 30 summer Olympics (to date) and 23 winter Olympics .....  and the history and awesome power of this competition and celebration as the world comes together regularly to meet as One is nothing short of spectacular!
I salute the athletes - past and present, the coaches, the referees, the organizers, the world leaders and the fans and enthusiasts!
The Olympics among other things, show us all in our ACTIONS that regardless of area in the world or differences in language....we are truly all the same and there is no better time or place to SHOW the world how we can TRULY SUPPORT each other.
Shining into the Olympic Games today!