Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Look and SEE

My teacher in Grade 10 Art class would say and say and say 
"Draw what you SEE......NOT!!!!....what YOU THINK you see"
and so (after she said it for the 30th time!) ....I decided to give it a shot. WHAT a difference.

 What happened as a by-product of this venture was ...not only was I drawing WHAT I SAW...
 I needed to SEE my art subject objectively,
 I proceeded to 'break down the whole' in my mind 
and focus on each separate part of the subject 
thereby focusing my whole intent 
on each PART of the whole. 
As a result, my pencil started drawing in such a way that I had not seen before on MY paper.  
By breaking through the veil of perception of what the subject SHOULD look like, what my finished product SHOULD be, how and in what direction I SHOULD move/draw/think next....
I was able to stay in present moment, totally focused on the 'WHAT IS' and simply move with the moment. 
There is a real ART in removing the veil of perception and seeing what truly IS.
Being part of what truly IS.
 Appreciating what truly IS. 
 look beyond 'your curtain' and
and as you begin to 'break apart the whole' of your present day life, your relationships, your family, your job.....REALIZE that you are STILL thinking of 'the whole' as you allow your mind to flit, flit, flit between subject matters.   Take your time and KNOW that this particular ART lesson takes some time and is indeed a continuing study, a benchmark, a mental 'beginning point' that as we progress down our life path we can continually remind our Selves to 'break down each whole' into individual parts and truly enjoy, appreciate and focus our intent on each and every part....

As a by-product of THIS Art lesson, the mind naturally and in its own time brings EACH of these wondrous parts ~ together again
(made 'specially wondrous' after we have focused our intention on them separately :) fixed what needed fixing, appreciated what needed appreciating, and in some cases done away with the parts of the whole that did not 'support the whole') 

.....and now 'The Whole' is better, so much better, than ever thought could be expected or enjoyed. 

Allow 'the Shine' of the moment to be shown to you.