Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Knock Knock....Who's there?....Orange....

Orange who?
Orange you glad I didn't say Banana?
ok ok
that was weak!
BUT (you were waiting for this, yes?)
There is a DEFINITE feel for ORANGE this week....
what do you think of when you see/feel/hear Orange?
I would say that I see/feel/hear.....

  • emotional freedom 
  • high creativity
  • strong connection with SELF
  • great amounts of courage
Why is this? 
Well, among other reasons, the colour Orange is associated with the Sacral Chakra within your own personal Energy system and YOUR CONNECTION with Orange is DIRECTLY associated with your ability to gain a DIRECT CONNECTION to ALL of your personal bullet points listed above.
pretty great, eh?  (had to throw in the 'Canadian bit'!!  haha!)
pretty great. 
how do you do it?  picture it, visualize it, wear it, meditate on it, decorate your home with it, (eat an orange ~ why Not?! ~ worst case scenario, you still benefit from the Vitamin C!!) 
energetically, see your Self as being surrounded by the colour Orange whenever you need a BOOST of creativity, courage, emotional freedom etc.....
BREATHE DEEPLY and picture Orange in your mind's eye....
and for more tips on how to work with colours, energy, chakras, mindful breathing in order to connect fully with your SELF and your ability to move purposefully and positively down your Life Path.....
stay tuned for our fall rollout of online Energy Workshops.......
and meanwhile,
shine COURAGEOUSLY forward!!! 

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