Tuesday, July 24, 2012

FOCUS on Oneness

You are One - One with Source, One with Mother Earth. You are the conduit for Energy.
 You send it, you give it, you hold it for others to be able to feel from you and around you, AND 
.... you ALSO require it, need to 'shore up' from time to time so that you can be on the receiving end of said energy....
no problem!  Why?  
because you are the conduit of energy and a steady source and supply is constantly running through you, in you and around you. 
The flow of energy might by a little lessened currently.....your life force energy, your ability to connect with Source, guides, Angels might not be as strong a current as it is other times.....and so, WE FOCUS ON ONENESS. 
As we focus on Oneness, the dawning of realization comes over us (again! in some instances!) that truly we can be One AT ANY TIME.  
We can settle down, BREATHE, relax into that breath, and feel the opening of a door that allows us to drift into the feelings of the REAL reality of this physical world....
that THIS (physical world challenges) is all simple steps on the journey (some legs of this journey are substantially more difficult...) and true reality exists in Oneness. 
THIS place of Oneness is where we feel our peace, our connection, our calm and also it is where we 'refuel' our Energy reserve. 
TODAY, Focus on Oneness. 
If any distractions come up to challenge your feelings of peace and still and connection with Source then simply acknowledge them as merely the distractions that they are and 
Shining out to you today and everyday :)