Monday, July 2, 2012

The cheese stands alone....

This is for all of those people who have heard me use this analogy either through private sessions or during workshops.....

"The cheese stands alone; alone and vulnerable on the top of a windy mountaintop"
Some of the greatest truth-baring moments of life are spent feeling like you are 'the cheese'

Sometimes as we are going through life, we 'take a few hits' - emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually - any and all quadrants of feeling are 'out there' on any given day and subject to a give/take of energy on whatever level.  Some of the hits are expected, others while not necessarily expected are somewhat manageable and others.....
not so much manageable, but devastating - truly ROCK YOUR WORLD. 

Sometimes even, we get a 'hit' that seems to rock our world only to be followed by another, and another and another - like a day at the beach turns into a fullout summer storm and we are still a fair ways out on our air mattress!!! RIDE the wave!!!

This is scary, lonely and leaves us feeling shocked, numb, frightened, vulnerable, alone, betrayed etcetcetc. It is at this point that you are 'the cheese' 
The great thing about being 'the cheese' is that it is during this time that your ego, lower Self, the part of you that truly believes that it is IN CONTROL of what you do, how you do it, what happens next on Life Path....takes a the corner and is quite succinctly told to "Shut up~you know NOTHING".
AT THIS TIME, Higher Self, Divine Source, your Angels and Guides, and THE TRUTH is allowed to speak and MOST are listening. because you are BARE and open and vulnerable and maybe a little are OPEN to hearing something ANYTHING other than what you have currently been working with, the limited information you have been operating with YOU NOW REALIZE is most often MISINFORMATION fed to you by lower Self, ego etc and NOW
you have a direct line to the truth. 
you are a truth seeker 
and you have found the truth
your truth
and while, for the time being, you are still on the mountaintop, the wind is still blowing and you are still alone.....this is a 'different alone' in your 'physical alone-ness' you realize that you are surrounded by Divine guidance, Angels, comfort, support, and there is feeling of RELIEF that comes from this and also from knowing (KNOWING) that you are not the 'string puller' on your pathway....there is a plan and that plan is bigger, much bigger than you and NOW you GET IT!! You have only to follow the next step AS IT IS SHOWN TO YOU. Allow Divine inspiration and guidance to work through you and SHOW YOU how to take the next step....and until then simply allow and enjoy the winds of Truth to continue to wash over you and cleanse you of any energies or emotions or false expectations that have been slowing you down.....Step out of the driver's seat and enjoy the view. 

how is that cheese tasting now??   
keep listening and keep shining...
(and try the Gruyere :)