Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Archangel Michael helps you to 'Cut your Etheric Cords"

I share this exercise with so many during personal sessions that I felt it would be beneficial for me to share this Archangel Michael exercise properly on my blog.....
This is an excerpt from one of my Angel workshops  ~ Angels 101 ~  please enjoy and remember to call on Archangel Michael for this as well as for any assistance and guidance that would be helpful for you when it comes to protection, shielding as well as Life Path guidance.
Keep shining!

Etheric Cord Cutting and Releasement
A  R  C  H  A  N  G  E  L      M  I  C  H  A  E  L

Compassionate people or Lightworkers of any kind are very used to and are glad to give of their own energy, kindness or helpfulness in any way - when asked and even when not asked to give, they give. This is a prerequisite for this type of person, this is part of their journey while they are here and cannot be changed.
However, a greater lesson to be learned for this particular type of soul while here on this journey is that there is a vast difference between giving and taking. In this way, the lesson is that GIVING is a  beautiful gift when given from a source of abundance, however giving may not be given from any great strength when the source of the abundance is depleted . This source of abundance, the source of 'giving' is greatly depleted when compassionate people/Lightworkers leave themselves open to being 'taken from'.
To be clearer, Lightworkers can follow their inner guidance to give freely in any and every way necessary and to any one or any situation that they deem necessary as long as they remember to work closely with Archangel Michael.
Let's backtrack a little....
When we 'like' another person's energy or are 'drawn to' another person and 'feel better' when we around certain people it is largely due to the fact that energetically our spiritual Self automatically sends out 'cords' (etheric cords) to other Souls who we feel attracted to because of their positive energy - we have a connection - our Souls recognize this connection and etherically make it so.
These cords are like leashes and 'look' like surgical tubing. They grow larger as a function of the length and intensity of the relationship. So, the largest cords are to parents, siblings, and other longtime, intense relationships. However, you can have etheric cords attached to you based on the associate that handed your change back to you at the coffee shop - you greeted them kindly, you smiled at each other, there was an exchange of energy....connection made. Sometimes, and for certain intense energies, it is this simple.
The cords are hollow tubes, and energy runs back and forth between the attached persons. These are sometimes fear-based cords, (which are always unhealthy and based upon dysfunction) however sometimes they are simply an exchange of energy - which CAN be a healthy exchange as long as mutual consent is given...and etheric cords generally are placed subconsciously and so refers to a 'taking' rather than a 'giving'. Cutting cords isn’t abandoning or divorcing a person; it’s releasing the unhealthy part of the relationship.

Be sure to 'cut your cords with Archangel Michael' at LEAST ONCE PER DAY specifically before bed and at any point in time where you feel you need to. (A sure sign that you have cords attached to you is a heaviness in breathing (cords generally attach to front and back of Heart Chakra), tension in shoulders, pain or heaviness or a 'catch' between shoulders or upper back area in general)
Say the following out loud or in your head;
"Archangel Michael,          
Please help me to clear any etheric cords that have attached to me any where on my physical, emotional or spiritual Self and body. Especially help me to remove any cords which have attached on the front of my Heart chakra area (make sweeping physical gesture) and on the back of my heart chakra, on my throat chakra or anywhere else on my physical, spiritual or emotional body and Self. Please assist me Archangel Michael in ensuring that my spiritual Self is kept clear from any attachment of lower or negative energies that may deplete my own life force energy form renewing, re-energizing and rejuvenating so that I may always be able to GIVE FREELY of my own energy to any soul requiring it and in so doing I may only strengthen my own life force energy in the process so that I may move forward and be able to move forward positively for my Self and for others
Thank you Archangel Michael for your assistance, protection and guidance
Thank you to all of the Archangels for their grace"

Also, at this point ask for Archangel Michael to surround you in a circle of White Light for Protection. This is called 'Shielding'. You can ask for this circle of protection and shielding at any point in time throughout the day  however particularly after you have performed a 'Cord Cutting' and also whenever you feel you have been placed in a negative situation or harmful environment.

Stacey MacDonald is a Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner and Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master/Teacher  offering Personal Angel Readings , Angel courses and workshops, Energy healing & training, Reiki Healing and Reiki Training.