Monday, July 16, 2012

Angel Light Certified Practitioner Course (ALCP)

 new course dates to be announced soon
*stay tuned for more details on our upcoming - online ALCP course* 

Angel Light Certified Practitioner (ALCP)

Connect with the Angels for yourself and for others!     
    gain an in-depth knowledge  and understanding of each of the 15 main Archangels   
    learn how to connect with them to facilitate messages for yourself and others 
    work with Archangel Michael to clear negative energy to assist with Life Path     
    learn how the Angels communicate with you through numbers, colours & crystals    
    develop your intuition through practical exercises     
    understand how to interpret Angel messages and guidance   
    experience practical hands-on Angel card readings for yourself and others

ALCP Course Manual provided
 All participants receive an Angel Light Certified Practitioner  (ALCP) certificate.

Instructor - Stacey MacDonald
Certified Angel Therapy  practitioner  ®
Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master/Teacher
Intuitive Life Path Guide
Energy Healer