Friday, June 8, 2012

What to expect from an Intuitive Guidance/Angel Session

Many have recently asked and so today I highlight a tab on my blog - please feel free to contact me with any further questions or to book an appointment....
Keep shining all! :)

What to expect from a Session?

Stacey communicates directly with your Guides and Angels receiving specific information about you, answering any questions you may bring with you, and generally specific Life Path information as well (where you have been and where you are going)

  • Learn how to recognize, clear and remove obstacles that may be impeding your progress forward on your Life Path
  • find out which Archangels are helping you (your ‘Parenting’ and ‘Mentoring’ Archangel)

  • learn ways in which you can recognize your own signs, symbols and guidance on your own

  • dream interpretation 

  • release fear, anxiety and shielding from negative energy

  • build self esteem, self confidence and connection with Higher Self

  • Please feel free to contact Stacey  to book a session (in person, phone, email and NOW! via Skype) or  for more information on how to become an Angel Light Certified Practitioner  (ALCP)  ~ where you will learn how to increase your intuition and receive messages from your Guides and Angels for yourself and others.