Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Today? I am travelling light.....

Oh my! and just as I wrote this my guides have pitched in and said 'travelling Light (capital L)??? or 'travelling lightly'?  haha!! semantics!
Let's put it this way, today I choose to go through my day with 'no strings attached'.  Similarly to this hot air balloon (me? hot air??? wow, this is going to be SOME kind of day if this is the way my Angels are going to keep playing on my words....!!)

Back on track,
TODAY I am going to begin my day, carry on through my day and reach a beautiful evening as I land quietly and gently this evening also with 'no strings attached'.
Previously we have all felt at different times in our life that we are moored to the earth, unable to achieve lift off, watching others 'take off and land' as they choose while we are seemingly stuck in the middle of a field somewhere carrying a load of sandbags, giant ropes tying us to the ground EVEN THOUGH we are blowing as much hot air as we can into our giant balloon (careful! ;) it is of no use, the ropes are too strong, the sandbags are too heavy.....

We can all have 'heavy energy cords' attached to us that inhibit our ability to move forward. They can be cords put there by others, cords that hold us back that represent poor memories, conditioning or learned behaviour, inability to see our potential, cords of self sabotage, fear of success/failure, lack of self confidence etc.
ALL OF THESE cords can be healed away, washed away and lifted from you so that you are able to go, be and do whatever it is that inspires you and FITS WITH YOUR PATH.
REGARDLESS of 'where they are from' or 'Why do I have this cord?' or "WHO PUT THIS CORD ON ME?" or even 'Why do I have cords and other people do not'??.....


Picture Archangel Michael sweeping away the energy cords that are holding you back - cords that are attached around your heart chakra area (making it laborious to breathe at times or to get a full breath) and around your shoulders and upper middle back area (got a 'knot'? tension in your shoulders?) Say to him "Thank you Archangel Michael for helping me to clear the cords that are attached to me and helping me to rejuvenate, replenish and renew my own life force energy more easily and strongly together with the healing Archangel Raphael - In grace and gratitude, I thank you'  **you can also make a sweeping gesture in front of your heart chakra and over your shoulders as you do so ..... AND ....if you are going to really want to see a change in this area, AS WITH ALL CHANGE, you have to commit to a daily schedule of doing this program with Archangel Michael - do NOT do this a couple of times and then shrug and say 'ish, I feel no different'  ...BE VIGILANT AND EXPECT POSITIVE CHANGE!*

and also picture your Self in your minds eye....
standing inside your hot air balloon, throwing all of the sandbags out and onto the grass, unclipping the links to the heavy ropes and as you stand there expectantly....
ALLOW your Self to feel the basket jiggle beneath you and then lift to one side and then the other and then slowly and EFFORTLESSLY!!!
you feel  sooooooooo   Light.......and floating up and away as weightlessly you are being transported to heights you never dreamed....
...are you holding your breath? eyes shining in wonder?
 if not you OUGHT to be!! This is AMAZING!
ALLOW your Self to feel the power of YOU. Cut the cords that are reining in your energy.

Shining at you 'from my balloon to yours' this morning!