Thursday, June 28, 2012

THIS IS IT!! Renew, rejuvenate, REFRESH!!!!

and so it begins
This is it ~ the season of RENEWAL.
DO NOT miss this bus!!   We ALL have this EQUAL OPPORTUNITY for the next 60 days....
I want to be clear in that I am not just 'whistling Dixie' here, or blowing around 'abundance-isms' per se....
The next 60 days is CRUCIAL
for those that are TRULY looking to round a corner....

This is a time where we can truly learn to live present moment - it is ONLY in present moment where we are able to feel, be and share TRUE JOY and peace and calm and contentment and ALL the things we TRULY desire......present moment is where it is at and the next 60 days is presented to us energetically at this point on MANY of our Paths as an opportunity to reach out and grab this....
is NOT about EFFORTING forward, writing/saying/speaking/recording/listening/writing our affirmations, ticking off all of our abundance list to-do's.....
this is about
being present
your SELF
to BE
in this moment.  
THIS moment is awesome ~ you know why?
because it is REAL
and we are here on this physical plane TO BE REAL. with others and with ourSelves. so BE REAL.
and be REALLY INSIDE this moment.....with me :)
I FULLY intend to enJOY the next 60 days learning and relearning, catching mySelf on my 'kneejerks' and learning be REALLY IN this moment.
This is good.
This is going to be a Great time. for me and for many.....thank you for joining the Now :)
refresh, rejuvenate, revitalize and this moment....with me.
SO many Blessings for you THIS moment...... :)