Friday, June 15, 2012


Sit, stand, meditate, ponder, smile, wonder, MARVEL, question, accept, BELIEVE.....
do anything, but DO SOMETHING !  :)  as you join me on the edge of the world this upcoming weekend to simply enJOY timespent......
timespent doing all, some, one of the things I ~  together with my Angels  ~  have suggested here....

THROW YOUR ARMS OPEN INTO THE NIGHT and be thankful, be grateful and in so doing


Sometimes this is an easy place to be - grateful. Of course we are grateful! Things are going GREAT!  One thing after another seems to be just clicking into place, work is going along swimmingly, maybe made a couple of new friends, kids doing well at school, financially fairly balanced (or maybe WOW!! What a boon!  - good for you! :)  ..... regardless, how did you get here?
Where things always so 'great'? Was it always this easy to be 'great full'?  Or was there also a time when you had to (drag yourself) get out of bed and wipe your bleary eyes and however dismally and yet with a persevering stature....'arrange yourself' for the day?

**notice my use of the word 'persevere' which by the the quality I admire MOST in anyone or anything :) **

So if you are seated on the 'Throne of Great' today - enJOY - IT IS A GRAND VIEW!!
and if you feel like you are on the 'Path to Great' I encourage you as your Angels encourage you - as they have and do encourage me on a regular basis as I have 'kicked my door open' to their assistance -
to KICK YOUR DOOR OPEN to your Angels ability to assist you on the Path.....and FIND YOUR WAY this weekend to the edge of the world and JOIN ME!
as I throw open my arms wide and thank my Angels and the Universe for being


Keep shining!