Wednesday, May 23, 2012

WORTH the WAIT?....some things just ARE.....

Oh yes, most definitely - this has been a portrait of me many times and potentially and most probably many times in the future....
if it is one thing I have learned (and learnedandlearnedandlearned!! haha!) is that the BEST times of my life have fallen DIRECTLY on the heels of the 'darkest of days'....
AND for someone who is very used to planning, preparing and DOING actionable steps in order to lay the sturdiest foundation for optimal execution of plan.....lalalalalalalala....(thank you Angel friend Lourdes! :) what my Angels have to say to that...THEY will decide when I am ready for the next step, the next path on my horizon to open up, the next 'inspiration/Angel guidance' to occur...
and the FREEDOM that comes from this is ~ simply nothing short of AWESOME.

Feel the power and the freedom that comes from DECISIVELY handing over the reins of control and Life Path Direction to Archangel Michael and also your very own, Archangel Raguel.
Ask them both to help you to sort out your path and allow your Self to clearly see your way forward.
WHEN it is time.
not before. and not after.
WHEN you do this.....ask AA Michael and AA Raguel for their intervention and guidance ...then TRUST that they are working in your absence, working and striving on your behalf, providing opportunity where none was thought possible...
this is NOT YOU.
how do you know?? (favourite question that has been asked over the course of May!! ;)
you KNOW
and as you asked .... you waited
and waited
and then got tired of waiting
and then realized that there was nothing else to do in most cases except to ASK, TRUST, *WAIT*
and then you waited some more
and in some cases.....
some more
and then
in the blink of an instant
you were gifted....
with your answer...
TOTAL Bliss.

So if you are wavering and wondering whether to ask...
And if you are waitingandwaitingandwaitingandwaiting....
keep waiting
because it will absolutely be WORTH THE WAIT.
Blessings and Blissings to all. *Thank you Johnny Angel*

Stacey MacDonald is a Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner offering Energy Healing, Intuitive Guidance and Angel Readings in Toronto