Monday, May 14, 2012

What colour is your umbrella??

You MAKE SURE that when you are choosing your choose the RIGHT one. yes. the RIGHT one.
Fact of life....we all need umbrellas from time to time...sometimes it's just a 'misty' day, sometimes a light sprinkle and some days?? HOLD ONTO YOUR HATS everyone!! the skies have opened up and it's a driving rainstorm!!!  'Rain coming down in sheets' we used to say as kids.
Of course, if you know me at all (and by now most of you do :)  I am speaking literally and also figuratively.  Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where the group of people we are with, the conversation we are currently 'a part of', the work/social environment we find ourselves in, our relationships.....well, sometimes the 'weather' takes a turn for the worse.
It is at this time, that I grab for my trusty umbrella...and at this time - my YELLOW umbrella (symbolizing self esteem/self confidence/bright outlook/hope/joy etc) stands out like a beacon in the night among all the black umbrellas (symbolizing......ish......too depressing to list really...but you get it!)
My Angel team are often called to my side to be my umbrella, my shield, my circle of protection to filter out the drab, dismal, 'rain on my parade' energy when it is 'raining' on any given day.  Under my yellow Angel umbrella, I am free to just continue jauntily along doing my level best, keeping a positive outlook and working towards brighter days.
Join me under my yellow umbrella on days when your weather outlook seems a bit 'grim' :)
and keep SHINING!! through the raindrops :)