Friday, May 11, 2012

"To Believe? or not to Believe......"

Well don't let me try to persuade you .....  instead, I offer you this beautiful jewel...

“It is better to believe than to disbelieve;
 in so doing you bring everything to the realm of possibility.” 

are ya with me?

I absolutely lovelovelove when my life path puts me in a position
 where I realize (yet again!) that I have
and....well?..... uh....yeah, that's it that's all...

I have everything to gain by believing!
That's it. That's enough. Done. 

So, whether you believe in Angels, intuition, Higher Self, unicorns, Faeries, mermaids, guides, guardian Angels, messages in your dreams, gut instinct, everything happens for a reason, bad luck to leave your hat on the table/walk under a ladder/shoes on the bed (Irish background speaking here ;)  .... the point is you BELIEVE. 
If you believe in a Higher power, source, your own ability to get things done, go with the flow, tune into a higher vibrations and manifest, an ability to heal your Self or others, the power of positive thinking.....the point is you BELIEVE. 
If you believe in your own power to support your kids, your extended family, your immediate family, your friends, your SELF.....the point is you BELIEVE. 

You Believe. 
and the Universe and your Angel Team believe in you. 
VERY much. 
So, as my kids would say....."We have a match"
Revel in Believing. 
I T   I S   J U S T   T H A T    S I M P L E
Keep shining all :)