Thursday, May 24, 2012

How would you describe yourself?

What are some of the words that you would use?  What if you were to limit it to a small paragraph, a one minute intro, a sentence, a few words....
Let's play a game and pretend we are someone else describing us.  And I MEAN THIS! because this is a very important exercise in order to come to terms whether you are on your 'own team' or not.  Do you know what I mean by this?
Many times people can spend valuable time thinking about whether a certain situation/relationship/friendship/opportunity is in their best interests or not. They might sit down and REALLY give it some heavy thought as far as whether this particular person(s) is 'on their team' or not.....depending on their mood or chain of events, sometimes they can decide that "NO! this person/situation etc is NOT in my best interest because of any one of a number of reasons."   They have spent some REAL time adding up pros and cons of things that have been said/suggested/acted on and came up with a score....YES/NO ....(the score decides whether they continue allowing said person/situation etc within their circle going forward....)

Take a few moments and pretend that you are together over a cup of coffee with a very close friend who asks you about 'so&so'....what are they like? what are their interests? what does she/he DO? Why do you like her/him?  What don't you like or what is sometimes annoying about them? 
Remember that you are describing 'so&so' and that YOU are also 'so&so'
(with me?)
*basically, we are pretending to describe ourself OBJECTIVELY and ruthlessly HONESTLY to someone else.....we have done this for others and NOW it is time to do it for ourselves....
go ahead....take a few minutes and do this....
I'll go pour another cup of tea and give you some time....
so, how did it go?
Are 'you' someone that would 'stay in your circle?' 
are 'you' on your own team? 
do you have YOUR best interests at heart?

or are 'you' someone that you might realize after describing 'them' that this person is a little (alot?) boring, needy, judgemental etc. or are did you find that 'this person' is FUN, colourful, a good listener.....or...
a little of both?  does the 'fun' outweigh the 'boring'?  
If it does - great! 
 (and if you didn't have ANY boring/needy etc in your description....were you being honest?  RUTHLESSLY honest??  if not 'rinse, and repeat' the exercise :) after all, we are HUMAN after all...just on a journey to IMPROVE as such! )
If it doesn't?  NO PROBLEM. Boring and needy are easy to adjust, shift, change, tweak!  Simply, think, speak, act, write your way to 'exciting, new, awesome'!  Take a course, challenge yourself with a new outdoor activity, do something you have never done before just 'because' and BE THERE for OTHERS!!!! 
Then after awhile... 'rinse and repeat' the exercise......and before you know it your description will look VERY MUCH as below.......GOOD FOR YOU!!!!  
I am HAPPY to know you!! and enJOY being a part of your circle!!
Shine into YOUR description of YOU!!!