Friday, May 11, 2012


Why do I generally 'sign off' on a blog post with "Keep shining?"  Well, it is in honour and remembrance of my very very dear friend who passed away a few years back - She was SUCH a very bright Light in this physical world and is still SHINING so brightly in my life.....and shines so brightly still into many others lives also - day to day, moment by moment - her bright Light continues to shine and shine. She was and is an inspiration to me to LIVE, LOVE & LAUGH.....LOUDLY and often!!
She was and is a great friend....however I mention her tonight because she was also an amazing Mother and she is very much on my mind this weekend and in honour of Mothers Day.....this song keeps playing round and round my head and I KNOW I am meant to share it!
(If you are a great Elton John/Stevie Wonder etc  fan .... like I am!  then this is fantastic link and if 'yeah not so much' then ... listen anyway....and just to the lyrics then....they mean so much)  ~my good friend, was NOT an Elton John fan....and she has me giggling as she might be APPALLED by my choice of artists here...but never mind, it is MY BLOG!! haha!  .... she would have Billy Idol singing this one....but I digress.. enjoy! :)
 I trust that this weekend we will all reach out to our mothers, other's mothers and GREAT friends and those 'Great friends who are also GREAT mothers' wherever they may be -  Angel Blessings to all!

OH!  and KEEP SHINING :)    BRIGHTLY!!!  :)