Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Is that OPPORTUNITY knocking??

Thank you Milton Berle. For this jewel of wisdom and so many others.
QUITE right!
Here's the thing. Opportunity knocks ALL THE TIME. Sometimes we hear it, many times we do not. Sometimes we are so focused on ASKING for an opportunity in a certain area in our lives that while all we hear are 'crickets chirping' when we are straining SO HARD to hear a knock at the door...our frustration level is rising and rising and we FAIL to HEAR the other door(s) being POUNDED ON!!! for our attention.
too bad, yes?
Sometimes, we REALIZE that there is another door open a crack behind us that we can EASILY walk through and achieve 'some' headway on our Life Path .... but while we reach our left foot behind us to keep our big toe in the open door (we don't want it to close ... but we are not REALLY interested in taking that opportunity either because we are too focused on the opportunity that is NOT available to us right now) and so there we are.....straining our ears against a rock solid closed door, eyes and ears squinting with the effort, hands pressed flat against the wood in case somehow you were to MISS the knock, maybe perhaps you can better FEEL for the 'knock of opportunity'.... your body and left big toe stretched clear across the hallway to the other door - holding THAT opportunity open yet at bay.....
is this good?
are you COMFORTABLE doing this?
So, here we go....
You want an opportunity right?
You don't see one being conjured before you regardless of the 'efforting' you are doing in that direction??
and also
You see another opportunity available
-albeit one behind you and not really one you are interested in-.....

Good enough. 
Build a new door.
Turn in a new direction with a NEW PERSPECTIVE - A SHIFT in mentalities.
and then start building.
Pretend it's 'opposite day'  (remember from Kindergarten!!??) and do almost everything the other way round....overturn rocks, look around corners, go places you have never been before, step out of that comfort zone, TALK to people, share ideas and FIND OUT WHERE YOU ARE GOING TO SET DOWN YOUR TOOLBOX AND BUILD YOUR DOOR.

and as my friend likes to say, 'Not for nothing.'  This message is being brought to you and to me this morning courtesy of our friendly neighbourhood Angels :)  (my brother is a Spiderman freak....this is probably a message to me I should give him a call today!! haha!!) 
HOWEVER, this message is brought for a reason....

sometimes it's time for a NEW day, NEW perspective and a NEW door.
Your Angels will help you build it :)
Shining on your door today :)