Saturday, April 21, 2012

Listen to your Earth Angels! "Don't Quit"

A long time ago in a quiet little town there was a girl....a girl who was about to embark, the very next day on her first trip overseas. She was going over to work and to see a part of the world that was new and different and had no idea what to expect but was excited and overwhelmed and bubbling with anticipation all at the same time.  She was spending the afternoon going to see friends and family around the town to give them hugs till she returned and also to receive their well wishes. The very last stop on her afternoon visits was at her favourite aunt's house where she always received a warm welcome and today was no different.  There were teacups and biscuits as well as the little muffins the girl had come to know so well and conversation as usual, flowed freely.  When the teapot was empty and conversation had dwindled the girl stood to get her coat on and as she turned to give her aunt a warm hug, her aunt held out an envelope to her.  There was some money in there as the aunt was always practical and knew that young girls had probably not the foresight to put aside an emergency fund but what stood out the most to her was what else was in the envelope.  There was  a single bookmark.....and on the bookmark read "Don't Quit".  Nothing else. The girl, not wanting to seem rude however looked at her aunt quizzically and in response, her aunt shrugged and gave the girl a hug and a peck on the cheek and sent her on her way.

I still have the bookmark. I still treasure the message.
Specifically in this world of flowery affirmations - haha! which I use, write, say and pass on shamelessly and often! -
Don't quit.  Simple and effective, not 'flowery', not particularly 'positive'....
but fantastically,
Thank you my lovely wee aunt. I love you.
Thank you for continuing to shine on me.