Sunday, April 1, 2012

Connecting to the Angels: Manifesting Abundance!

Connecting with the Angels:  Manifesting Abundance!
Tuesday April 3, 7-9pm

Learn how to attract abundance with your Angels!  During this workshop participants will;
·         closely work with 3 of the Archangels to set your pathway to Abundance
·         Cleanse and clear any energy that may be creating an obstacle to receiving
·         Set your intentions and open your channel to Angelic guidance to receive all the abundance that is available for you
·         Learn personal methods and daily exercises on how to ensure that your energy stays clear, open, positive and focused on attracting abundance going forward.
$88   Guidebooks incl.
This workshop is being held locally at The Clarity Centre,  and via Skype for those farther afield - please contact me to register - I look forward to Manifesting with you and your Angel Team!