Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Candle

The Candle

The neatest thing I ever saw
was a candle, stood proud though stout
surrounded by many a scientist
who were to try and put it out

The scientist hummed and hawed
(perceiving an easy task)
then proceeded with many experiments
to make this flame its last!

They tried to take its pride
by showing it all the dark
and said"How can one little candle
even make a mark?"

They tried to make it angry
by stepping on it's light
and said "how can one little candle
dare put up a fight?"

They tried to make it sad
by saying it could be snuffed
"Though flame is on your side," they said
"You're not strong enough!"

They tried to make it bitter
by saying it could be pitched
for a lightbulb and electricity
and simple flick of the switch

They tried to make it give right up
by saying it was no good
and that absolutely anything
would look better standing where it stood

Through all of this, the candle continued to shine.

Well, the scientists stood puzzled
by the fact the flame went higher
but who were they to think
they could put out the source of My Fire?

As the scientists began to leave,
and gave their shoulders a shrug,
I walked over to the solitary candle
and gave my sister a hug.
© Tim Thomson
Artist, Lyricist    Toronto Canada