Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Are you a 'flapper'? or do you do 'the Superman'?

                                                               For myself? It really depends on the type of dream I am currently in, what is going on in my physical world right now (am I being
 challenged to overcome some obstacles or is everything running along tickety-boo), etcetcetc.
I find that in the dreams where I am flap-flap-flapping those arms, EFFORTING to get some lift off!!! (usually there is some sort of
imminent danger and generally it is BEHIND me and sometimes I can't quite SEE what it is exactly because of the DARN FOG!!) however, other dreams I simply 'think forward' and before you know it I am sailing along quite nicely miles in the air on a blue sky enjoying my own abilities with ease and comfort!

All of your dream symbols mean something and as you begin to NOTICE the recurring themes, recurring types of 'efforting' or 'ease' you find yourself undergoing while in dream state, recurring colours, landscapes you identify with etc ----- you are ACTUALLY building a communication style with your Angel Team. As YOU notice the different imagery your Angels are sending you specifically - maybe making note of these images each morning (no matter how random they seem) you are ACKNOWLEDGING your Angels feeding you guidance and when you acknowledge them....THEY send you more. More images, more guidance, more assistance - ALL GOOD. :)

It helps to do a little digging on common dream themes - today we are focusing on 'flying' and a quick breakdown of this common dream theme is as follows;

Flying - Take special note of 'flapping arms' vs. 'superman style', speed, height, degree of difficulty. This particular dream refers to personal power and freedom. Are you able to fly easily and whenever/wherever you like? are you able to avoid awkward or upsetting incidents by flying, the level to which you are able to 'rise above' situations, can refer to the way in which you are easily 'flying' through a particular situation. Conversely , losing altitude or having difficulty getting off the ground can speak to a confidence issue with a  certain relationship or situation.

When you wake from a 'flying' dream, take a moment and try to remember 'where were you? with who? what was the weather like? how did you FEEL? what was your 'landing' like? '  etc  This game of 20 questions takes some time to get used to and at first your answers might not be any closer to leading you to some specific guidance that you are able to use in your physical world but as with anything....this gets better with practise...keep going!
...keep dreaming!....
and keep shining!!! :)