Sunday, April 1, 2012

Angel signs and puzzle pieces !

Your Angels and guides leave puzzle pieces ALL OVER for you to collect and then ... help you to put the pieces of the puzzle together.  Somtimes they help you more than others...sometimes you are left to play the role of Matlock/Columbo/Sherlock Holmes even as you are forced to 'suss out' more information from the scene in order to figure out the guidance, the direction....sometimes it is a waiting game....sometimes you get all 4 corners and the middles pieces at the same time and have to wait, wait WAIT for some of the other 'supporting role' pieces......ARGGH!!!

Are you getting me here?  Another example, if you get a puzzle piece and then look at it and think "what? I FEEL that this is a puzzle piece .... but it doesn't make SENSE with the direction I had planned, with what I am doing now, with my mindset/my personality, with MY grand scheme for my future...." and so you are tempted to walk past it or throw it away??? 
keep it. take it. stow it in your back pack, a closet - somewhere where WHEN you receive subsequent pieces of the puzzle (and you will!) you KNOW just where to go to get the missing piece. Trust.

If you are currently making an uncomfortable cringeface as you are remembering some of the puzzle pieces you have ALREADY thrown to one side that would come in VERY HANDY right now....?.....not to worry.....those or better pieces are on their way to you RIGHT now.  Trust.

If you think (as this picture depicts) that the puzzle piece you need might be TOO HIGH for you to reach?......wait for the ladder. It will be given to you as long as you.........Trust.   (right!! NOW you are getting it!!)  haha!

So roll the mat down on the dining room table and spread out the puzzle pieces that you already have, put together some of them that 'look like they belong together' and although it MIGHT not look like much of anything right now.........TRUST :) that everything will be brought to rights...piece by piece.

and in the meantime,  SHINE IT UP today people!!