Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Connect to your Angels with ALL levels of YOU!

When you connect to your Angels, when you reach for their connection, their guidance, their comfort.....bear in mind all the 'levels of you' that are reaching out.
 'Little you', your inner child - is you.....
'Big you', adult, responsible you  - is you.....
each of 'you' are reaching out, looking to connect, to gain some attention, some knowledge, some compassion, some understanding, some direction.

When you refer to yourself in stories (either out loud or in your head) don't say, 'when I was little', 'as I was growing up', 'I used to be carefree/outgoing/shy/a jokester/'.....
YOU are STILL little, growing up, carefree,outgoing etc. AND you are STILL growing, learning, gaining!
While 'Big you'  may sometimes be 'withdrawn/courageous/nervous/an excellent public speaker...etcetcetc' 
YOU are ALWAYS all of these things -  you HAVE BEEN all of these things your whole life and

while you may have turned the key in the door recently to one of those skills -


The fact that you just realized it now.....makes it a 'new skill' for you however the KNOWLEDGE has been yours the whole time. Your Higher Self just told you where to go and how to 'unlock that door'.  And just as your 'little you' has already opened SO many doors already, COUNTLESS. There are just as many to open now and in the future - trust that.
Your 'little you' is really really good at unlocking doors.
Your 'big you' needs to take a page out of that book and follow curiousity around the corner, lift up rocks just to look under them, play hide and seek, ride bikes until the sun goes down, take every opportunity.....just because.
Because why? (little you asks)
Because you never know what will be shining out at you.

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