Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What does YOUR 'Right ' look like?

And so as we look out into the garden and drink in the rainbow of colour, light and fragrance that is springtime.....we feel a beginning within us.  A start. Something stirring that we haven't felt in a long time...ever? 
This time of year is unlike any other in that we are ALL at a time now where we are getting a clearer vision of our Self, our relationships - a clearer understanding of what 'right' looks like, for US, for ME.
What does RIGHT look like?
Things are RIGHT in my world when I can breathe deeply and easily, my brow is relaxed, my shoulders are loose, I step outside and the first thing I notice is how 'fresh' the day is, I wake up not rattling off my to-do list but looking forward to the first of a few engagements I have with my Self and others today, I smile as I greet my family, I gaze contentedly out a window and give thanks, I am able to phone a friend to 'catch up', I make time for my Self to 'go with the flow'.
This beginning, stirring, inner insistence within that guides us, urges us to follow our hearts, FOLLOW and LISTEN to inner guidance that makes the day better for us, better for others, easier, happier, more joyful, simpler....  Simpler......is new.  The constancy of this .... is new.  
and in its 'newness'.....very, VERY good.
Enjoy your beginning....revel in the 'newness'......
Keep shining!