Saturday, March 10, 2012

What does YOUR Personal Oasis look like???

It is imperative IMPERATIVE that we are all able to PLACE OURSELVES within our personal Oasis at any given point in time. This (as much as anything does...) gets better with practise. 
it is an so easy and enjoyable to practise!
I BET....
that your REAL Oasis looks entirely different from what your Adult/conforming/made to measure/society set/peer pressure/desire to conform etcetcetc Oasis looks like.
So.....take a DISENGAGE...
from the 'you' that society/relationships/'responsibility'(ugh)  has made with your 'idea' of an oasis
and 'dial back'....

take your time....

your Oasis
your REAL oasis - your reprieve - the 'backdrop' that SUITS YOU...
is only KNOWN to you

keep it that way.
if THAT Oasis only exists (FOR NOW) in your mind, your expectation, your guided vision of your Life Path? 
that is fine.
go there.
enJOY it.
and as you meet your vision ~ *CAN YOU? YES!! of course you can!! CAST THOSE DOUBTS ASIDE!! haha!!* ~ RELISH the process of casting aside those doubts.....and GET USED to it....DOUBTS DO NOT SERVE YOU....

relax from within your personal oasis and trust

step by step and inch by inch ~ and ... you will.... get   :)

enJOY the process.
Your Oasis exists.
Inwardly and outwardly.
To share within
and to share with others.
Relax and replenish from within your Oasis.

Shining on you ...from my Oasis :)