Tuesday, March 27, 2012


THAT would be your SPRING alarm clock going off people - letting you know ....
dingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingding (annoying but effective) it is TRANSITION TIME. Transformation. Renewal. Rebirth. New thinking. Clearing of clutter. Mental and PHYSICAL growth.
This guy is in total character for me .... to illustrate my point.... this is US during the winter months.....kicking back, in repose, KNOWING we should, could and would be doing a little more for our mind, body, spirit.....but.....there is always tomorrow ...ahhhhhhhh.....
which brings me to my next point.....

oh yes, it's our friend Kermit doing his representation of how to get in tune with himSelf, get ready for summer, kickstart that sense of Self, recharge his life force energy, PERFECT his 'Downward Dog' (and THOSE HEELS ARE DOWN Kermit - well done!!) We will see how I will do during my own ~
21 DAY CHALLENGE at the Clarity Centre!
....this is a Challenge being offered to challenge us ALL
to 'LIGHT it up" for Spring!!
21 DAYS OF YOGA....FOR $21. 
Accept this challenge people.
Accept this GIFT from The Clarity Centre in Oakville.  
I, myself am quite 'green' at Yoga.
I admit it....
and just like Kermit....'it isn't easy being green'  :) 
BUT I am going for this and would be QUITE happy with company......
Accept YOUR gift for Spring Transformation and Renewal  -  click the link for details and I will SEE you there!! :)
Keep shining all!