Monday, March 19, 2012


Yes it's a SURPRISE for you!! It's YOUR SURPRISE!! Never thought it would happen for you? Well, it did. It has. It HAS happened for you - and it has happened today. 
TODAY!!!  :)
ENJOY it. Totally lose your Self in the moment of RECEIVING your surprise today. It has been well thought out, planned (for your lifetime actually) right down to the last detail, micromanaged to custom fit all of your expectations......
You say you don't deserve it??? didn't 'work hard enough' for it??? you say someone else deserves YOUR SURPRISE more than you????
what is that?  what is IT exactly?  why, your SURPRISE is specifically,  TODAY. The day. Brought to you courtesy of your Angel Team. Presided over, directed by, edited by and illustrated by.....your Angels FOR you.
Sit back and enJOY the show.
Celebrate the surprise!!
Celebrate you!!
You don't want to be the ONLY one NOT celebrating you at a party FOR you?
So grab a smile, breathe and enjoy, TRULY ENJOY, this grand celebration of YOU today.
Shining on you today :)