Friday, March 2, 2012

QUICK Someone!......TELL A JOKE!!!!!

just can't stop.....HAHAH!!!NO WAY!! He DID NOT! say that!! HAHAH!! soooooooo GOOOD!! just...wait a minute..hahah!! HAHA!! AHHHHHH!! SUCH a laugh!  .....   great.  GREAT!!

THAT'S the stuff!  That is the point. of everything. Find the laugh. look for 'THE FUNNY'. Partner with people who also 'find the funny'.  and if you can't 'FIND' it????
Seriously, (excuse the pun! hah!)  Tell a joke. 

A very good friend of mine always responds to a "how are you?" with a 'Keeping the dream alive my friend!' and is always reminding people to 'keep it light', live the good life and  'for 'Pete's' sake......TELL A JOKE!"
She's got it right let me tell you. We are soooo ON TASK and just having a LAUGH is what it is all about in order to strip away the SERIOUSNESS, the RESPONSIBILITY, the HEAVY weight we tend to get used to carrying around as adults --  serious, responsible adults. 
Everything has its time and place I GET THAT!!
but we tend to push the 'LAUGHING PART' of our healthy daily diet for our emotional and spiritual wellbeing to the backburner........and THEN wonder why we feel so tired, so 'down', so glum.
Tell a joke.
Be around people or situations where there are jokes already being told.
Laugh your 'HAT' off!! (or something like that!! haha!!)
Shine on!