Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's a Full Moon tonight!.....Got your broom handy?

But it IS  a Full Moon tonight and I DO want to talk about a manner of speaking...
This is a tool that is not used NEARLY enough!  Literally and figuratively.  Everyone knows what I mean when I say that we have all walked across the kitchen floor and heard (and felt, ick!) that 'crunch,crunch' below our feet and then have practically RUN to get the broom!!  ("Who was eating toast/cookies/their sandwich without a plate??!! haha!)
This morning, the Angels are in stand by mode as they ready themselves for the Full Moon tonight. Full moons are all about 'releasing'. Releasing old habits that don't serve us anymore (bad habits, friends or acquaintances that don't support us as much as they used to (maybe they never really did - we just thought they did - or they TOLD us they did!!ha!) same goes for situations, relationships of all kinds, job partnerships, exercise patterns (or lack thereof).....WHATEVER the case may be....
make a list today of anything and everything you would like to 'see the back of', get rid of, cleanse yourself of, put an end to.....and asking your Angels for help with this, trust that just by looking up at the full moon tonight (try to spend a few moments at least staring up at it and let it's rays wash over you, much like you would do on a sunny day), maybe take a hot cup of tea outside and holding each one of these situations/relationships/bad habits in your mind's eye, one at a time....allow your Angels to sweep them away and out of your life - physically, emotionally and spiritually. Allow them to do the work and acknowledge your gratitude to them through letting yourself FEEL lighter and more peaceful - you can BREATHE easier, some of your Self has been restored.
Let them KEEP SWEEPING anytime a smidgen of the bad habit/relationship tries to wend its way back in to your daily routine.
Once the stage has been swept clean?  NOW there is room for positive relationships, jobs, healthy habits, supportive situations to COME ON IN!! Before.... it was 'too packed' for the 'good stuff' to get to you - but NOW??  You are open and receptive to all good things coming your way!! 
SOOOOOOOOoooooo good.
so, SWEEP AWAY what doesn't serve you anymore!  and GET READY for some good stuff on the way!!
Shine on and into this Full Moon!