Saturday, March 24, 2012

How do YOU see your SELF??!!

Oh yes....perception IS EVERYTHING people. 
or is it?
How do you view your version of the world. Yes, I said YOUR VERSION.
How do you view your version of your Self.  (ditto above)
How do you view your version of your relationships, your career, your amount of spare time, your passions, your ..... everything?
What is the spin you put on things? and how does this change from day to day, week by week.....minute by minute?
We can do this by learning and TRAINING ourselves to DETACH from same. This can be a very useful growth process and transformational tool - this 'detaching'.
You see, instead of thinking about what to say, how to say it, how will you be perceived, imageimageimage, spin, polish, best foot forward, analyze, judge to a certain degree, BE analyzed, BE judged (and the repercussions emotionally of same) etcetcetc. 
We can simply BE.
We can simply DO.
We can simply GO.
and be of service to ourselves and to others.
Shine into detachment today - play the observer in situations, relationships, your role in happenings around you.....detach from previous perceptions and simply enjoy the clarity of the moment.
Shining on you today as always :)