Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Holy Cow!! Living on the EDGE!!

Where would you RATHER stand????
Are you REALLY getting back in the car??!!
wow. you say. this is amazing. ! What a view. spectacular. awesome even. breathtaking. mind blowing....OK, HAD ENOUGH   WHEW !! HEAD RUSH! SHUT IT DOWN!
can't stand the JOY factor? can't stand the pressure to meet it head on? don't feel you DESERVE IT? don't know how to ACCEPT a full plate? (are you so used to serving a 'full plate' you forget where your fork is when someone hands you one??) maybe all or maybe none of these however, you are JUST NOT COMFORTABLE OUT THERE and so.....back to the car....

but, back in the car is boring. uneventful, sad. lacking. unfulfilled. confusing. depressing. frustrated.

what then.  ?   !
what would you like????????
you know? This happens to the BEST of us and by that, I mean that this happens to us only when we are at our BEST. Everyone gets to be at 'their best' at some point, most of us are lucky and fortunate to be at our BEST sporadically and also regularly :) 
Sometimes we are sitting in the car. It stinks, it's hot (SOMEBODY ROLL DOWN A WINDOW!! I AM SUFFOCATING IN HERE!!) I can't see, ARE WE THERE YET?! (someone had to say it! :) 
and sometimes, we are just 'out there'
don't know what is next, don't see who is beside us (Holy cow - are we alone? well, sobeit and not for long!! buck up) but here we are......out here.....
enJOYing this incredible view in a place we thought we could never be at, would never dream we would reach and being in a place of complete awe.....
is it where we THOUGHT we would be? is it where we even WANTED to be? where we ASKED to be?
and inasmuch as we thought we would never be HERE????
we ARE here. and
we wait with anticipation the step THAT WE WILL BE SHOWN next....
we enJOY the view.
Thank you as always for shining on MY view today!!