Friday, March 30, 2012


Whaddaya made of STONE??  LIGHTEN UP!!!  C'mon Mrs (or Mr.) "Thinks-too-much"!!!
Right, we are talking about "The Art of DETACHING"
Yes, it is an art - a lost art these days - but an art just the same and certainly one worth EMBRACING.
You truly want to "Embrace the day"? then you must truly want to "Detach".
So let's do it.
**For novice 'detachers' please keep in mind that the following list is for the  advanced 'detachers' in our group and when first embarking on the journey (YES, THIS IS A JOURNEY LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE!! ;) please approach the items listed on a limited basis, growing slowly and steadily towards full capacity;
1. turn off cell phone (hit the ground running I always say!)
2. step away from computer
3. turn off tv/radio
4. unplug house phone (if you still own one)
5. leave car in driveway, making use of bike (with basket if you have one :) to fetch items from corner store, mom coffee mornings, short trips to work,  kids from school when possible etc.
6. laugh, smile, beam, chuckle
7. tell a joke so others around you can laugh, smile, beam, chuckle
8. take a nap
9. gaze off into space ... for a long long has it been?.....who cares......
10. remind your Self (easier if you are around children at the time as they have PERFECTED this point!!) to enJOY the moment, the present moment. Be there. Live there. Sit there. Breathe there. Breathe into your present moment. PRESENT moment. Detach from forward and back moments and stay in present moment.

Beautiful. Well done.
Keep shining!!