Thursday, February 23, 2012

You are safe

A very strong, gentle and yet persistent message from our Angels tonight - You are safe.
They are with you all the time. There are MORE Angels around you just when you feel there are NO Angels around you. 
Just when you feel like there is never going to be an end to the feelings of despair, hopelessness, frustration, hurt, aloneness.......there is. and there they are.
Feel that hand on your shoulder? The warmth on one side of your body? a brush on your cheek? see a spark dart in the air in your peripheral vision? find a penny? a dime?
These are all ways in which our Angels race around trying to give us our own personal signs and symbols that THEY ARE HERE. WITH YOU.  "Hello????  We are here!!!"
When times get tough, tense, dicey etc. envision your Self as a spectator of your own Life Path. Allow your Angels to guide you, to 'set the scene' for you so you are able to be at your best, for your Self and others.  Stop trying to stay 'one step ahead of the game', stop planning every single second, stop reliving in the past and START LETTING YOUR ANGELS BRING THE VERY BEST OF SITUATIONS TO YOU.  GET OUT OF THEIR WAY TO BRING YOU WHAT YOU NEED. 
And listen to their guidance.  When they are urging you to rest,  work!!!  :) 
Follow their lead and KNOW that they are working overtime to make sure you and your loved ones are safe and provided for.
Say thank you to your Angels today as you assure them that you KNOW they are there for you and you FEEL their presence.
Let them Shine on you today.
You deserve it.