Saturday, February 25, 2012

STAY in your POSITIVE CIRCLE with Archangel Michael !

Let your Angels shield you from ANY situation, person, place, environment, hurtful words, comments, judgements, decisions etcetcetc, the list is seemingly endless, or can seem that way or can..........
How do we manage this? How do we go about our daily life, CONTINUE CONSISTENTLY AND POSITIVELY ON OUR LIFE PATH, free from negativity and harsh situations?
Ask your Angels to put up that umbrella for you. Ask your Angels to surround you in a circle of white Light. Specifically Archangel Michael - one of his chief roles is to protect you in all ways from all things that might adversely affect you emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.  So just ask him to surround you in his protective bubble of Light.
Sound easy?  It is. very.
The ONLY trick is - you have to do it vigilantly (preferable daily, sometimes more than once a day and especially when you are around or are going into a situation or environment where the energy might be 'challenging' (nicest word I could think of !  haha!!)
oh, AND you have to BELIEVE.
yup, that's pretty much it.
ASK and BELIEVE and be VIGILANT with both.
EnJOY your walk today ... along your Path .... completely protected ...
Shine out at me! I'm in the bubble beside you!! ;)

Stacey MacDonald is a Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner and does Angel Readings in Toronto, and the GTA