Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Reach out to your inner child......

What IS IT that you do exactly to get past the FORMALITY of each day, the seriousness (is that a word? regardless, your Angels are USING it!! haha!) of each day, the task-oriented part of each day, the RESPONSIBLE part of each day, the 'how do I figure this out?' part of each day......
What exactly is the way in which you do this? How do you get to the 'fun' part, the 'relax' part, the 'sheer joy' part of each day.....?
Do you? Do you ever GET THERE? When was the last time you were there.........
If you are having trouble remembering.....then your Angel Team is speaking to YOU.

Seriously (or actually, OPPOSITE of seriously here) we are talking about your inner child. This is the part of you that ALWAYS lives in present moment (does not need to be reminded) ALWAYS laughs, giggles, smiles at the most mundane, feels like picking up a rock at the lake and seeing how many times it will 'skip' across the surface and then picks up another and another and .... before you know it an hour has gone by......  lays down on the grass and feels the wind tickling your toes and cheeks, blowing your hair.....sits and stares out the window and lets the mind wander and wander enjoying the trip .....sits on a swing at the park and taking it higher and higher and then leaning back seeing the world upside down as your swing gently rocks you back and forth, you giggling inside at the 'butterflies' this creates inside you......suddenly you are 10 years old again and it feels.....WONDERFUL. This inner child is celebrating the moment, each moment, slowing down and savouring each and every moment.

Reach out to your inner child with Archangel Jophiel as she helps us to reduce the mental, emotional clutter in order to be able to slow down and reconnect with our Selves.  Feel your Inner Child become a part of your day (again) and as you do so, acknowledge, notice and appreciate this inner child as he/she starts to come forward more and more often. 
EnJOY the day - look for and FIND opportunites to laugh and giggle - tell a joke - SHARE THE MAGIC!!!
Shine on all

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Stacey MacDonald
Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner