Wednesday, February 22, 2012

PICK UP THE PHONE!! It's your Angels calling.......

Love this! seriously...if you are reading this blog then you are DEFINITELY in the column of "not new" at this!! You HEAR that phone ringing.   and some of the DO NOT want to pickup.
you know how this works?
I will tell you.
DON'T pick up. 
and that phone will still ring. It may stop ringing for a bit.....or a long while....and you can STILL not pick up that phone.
(remember this is YOUR Angel Team calling so WHATEVER you do is fine....they will ALWAYS be available on the the phone.... :) 
whenever you are ready....
can I tell you from experience?
when you decide to pick up...(and it is usually an AWKWARD time when you make this decision.....this is not necessarily Disney (altho, I LOVE 'the Mouse')!...

you will PROCEED brilliantly and unencumbered along your Path.

did you hear that?
RE-READ that.

when you are KNOW you are ready .... and your Angels KNOW it too.
so good.
that Angel synergy.
just KNOW.......if YOUR Angel phone is ringing...AND you are ready?  
pick it up and go with the flow!
Keep shining

Stacey MacDonald
Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner