Wednesday, February 29, 2012


If you were to visualize your past efforts, past happenings, past and present relationships.....and then sit down at a craft table and turn those visualizations into a crafting project.....cutting and pasting and colouring like crazy...(WHERE is 'THE RED"??? Can you remember being infuriated in Grade 4 when EVERY time you go to use 'the red', someone else has it??!!...however, I digress....)

We were cutting and pasting our visualization of our Life path journey - thus far.  So you are done your craft now and as you hold it up -your 'life patterns' crafting project - over your head for all the world to see....
how does it look? 

does it look like our picture here?  a string of hearts all different colours joined together?  is it pretty close? is it pretty far??

would you LIKE it to look like that? 

Archangel Jeremiel helps us to perform this exercise in life review- not to recriminate, judge or celebrate - but simply to view what and how we have progressed so far. This process allows us to 'tweak' our attitudes, behaviours, our relationships, our relationship with our Self, set our boundaries, be more flexible in the NOW to better enhance our journey going forward.  Whatever the working with AA Jeremiel we are able to detach from our Life Path for just a moment in order to see our Selves OBJECTIVELY. Let these feelings, emotions and reflections resonate within you and spinning would you LIKE TO FEEL in future reflections on your Path.....
Ensure that your ACTIONS today reflect what you would like to be cutting and pasting and colouring the next time Archangel Jeremiel asks you to spend some time reflecting with him!
Shine into your day!!