Sunday, February 12, 2012

Healing with Archangel Raphael

Feeling a little 'off'? Having a bad day? ... maybe it's more than that - maybe emotionally you are completely overwhemed....just going through a transition time at the end of a relationship (*remember, someone even better for you is on the way - courtesy of your Angels :) even knowing that is well and good but for right are hurting - I understand that.  Physically perhaps you have an ailment, sickness, flu, cold, broken bone, maybe something more serious......
Regardless of what type of healing you are looking for....Archangel Raphael can be called to your you, at any time, any place and for any reason. Just ask him. He is the "Healing Archangel" and is known for surrounding anyone who needs it in his circle of healing green energy and light. Let him 'do the work' for you and assist you in this healing process.
Imagine yourself in the clearing and his green healing energy is streaming down for you. Sit comfortably in a chair and close your eyes, breathing deeply feeling the warmth of his energy on top of your head, on your shoulders, shining on your face just like sitting outside in the clearing, feeling the warmth all around you ....and focusing on your breath, you breathe all the way in and the exhale all the way out. Picturing as you do so that Archangel Raphaels healing light is surrounding you and at the same time with every deep breath in, green energy flowing up through your feet, from your toes up to your Crown chakra and with every breath out, the healing energy is flowing back down through your spirit, taking any impurities, blockages, negative energy and sickness along with it. Every breath in, green energy flowing strongly up and through you filling you with healing energy and like a river flowing back down and with every breath out, taking the pain, emotional heaviness, hurt and sickness with it. Stay with this breath and with this energy for as long as you feel is right for you, continuing to breathe in fully and then out.  When you are ready, bring your breathing and your awareness back to where you are, continuing to feel Archangel Raphael by your side and all around you. Now you are free to carry on with your day in any way and his healing energy will be surrounding you as you do so.

Archangel Raphael can be called to your side at any time, simply by asking and/or partnering this request by taking 3 deep breaths, inhaling fully and then exhaling right down to your toes, at any point in your day. In a tricky situation? (3 deep breaths=circle of green healing energy)  something painful going on at present time? spiritually, emotionally, physically?  (3 deep breaths=circle of green healing energy) feeling anxious/fearful/worried for yourself or someone else? (3 deep breaths=circle of green healing energy) 
What's that? Can you send green healing energy to someone or something else?  SURE! how? same way!   Whether you are with that person or at the situation or whether they are halfway around the world - 3 deep breaths=green healing energy surrounding you and then visualizing the same green healing energy around the person, place or situation you would like to send to.
Thank you Archangel Raphael.
Keep shining on all of us.

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Stacey MacDonald, Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner