Monday, February 13, 2012


That's right!  Forget all the cards, dinners out, candles lit, presents, gifts, flowers and vases, whispers and glances, secret phone calls, etcetcetc.
DIAL BACK PEOPLE and let's get back to basics!   :)  LOVE YOURSELF. FEEL THE LOVE. WARM TO THE GLOW. Every single relationship outwardly begins with the zest, zeal and warm compassion you hold most dearly for......your Self. 
Love your Self.
dearly. and whenever and wherever you go and ESPECIALLY on Valentine's day.....and on the BUILD UP to Valentine's day.....I want you to think, say, speak, write the following;
I love me.
EnJOY today - enJOY every day loving your Self - remembering EVERYTHING spins out from this.
Keep shining all!