Sunday, January 15, 2012

Which of these colours are you????

Colour is enlivening, tells a story, brings out different emotions, shores us up, and on the other hand can sometimes make us feel uncomfortable....energizes, calms, fires us up etcetcetc.
We all are drawn to our own set of colours for our wardrobing, decorating, advertising you are drawn to etc. as certain colours draw your own personal attention. The particular colour can change from day to day, hour to hour, moment by moment - as your personal emotions, situation, relationships does your connection with different colours as each part of your emotional and spiritual body reacts and acts within different circumstances -  you are using each part of your internal energy system to do so.....and part of your internal energy system are your Chakras....the energy centres within your body that keep your own internal energy, your prana, your chi......moving at maximum capacity and benefit to your physical, emotional and spiritual body.
I am always drawn to yellow ..... that is the colour of the Solar Plexus chakra and as long as I can remember I have always drawn the colour yellow (great BIG YELLOW sun on my doodle pages at school) thought of the colour yellow, wished for and visualized often a great big yellow truck, been drawn to bright yellow cushions and towels to spruce up a decorating scheme....

The Solar Plexus chakra  represents sense of self, ego, self esteem, willpower, and ability to get things done.  When it is open, balanced and clear of blockages this Solar plexus chakra assists us with all of these areas and more. When it is 'glutted' or blocked, problems can arise as well as when it is overloaded, more issues may present themselves with regards to self confidence, forward motion etc. By envisioning (through meditation of light visualization through out the day) the colour yellow, you can put a focus on this chakra and while doing some deep breathing ... you can assist and strengthen this chakra within yourself. For a deeper clearing and balancing of each chakra, a Reiki treatment may benefit you.
For a very brief idea on which colour is associated with each chakra and thereby having a better understanding of  which of these colours you are drawn to and an inkling as to the 'why'..... please see below,

Root chakra              - red       foundation, security
Sacral chakra           - orange  creativity, freedom
Solar plexus chakra - yellow  self confidence, self esteem
Heart chakra            - green    ability to give and receive love, self and others
Throat chakra          - blue      speak your truth, self and others
Third eye Chakra    -  purple  ability to see the truth, use imagination
Crown Chakra         - white    spirituality, connection to Higher Source

An indepth study of each chakra, and much more can be gained during a Usui Reiki Level I course. 
Stacey MacDonald   is a  Reiki Master / Teacher   in Oakville ,ON