Monday, January 30, 2012

Take a load off......

As defined in  "Take a load off" means to "Sit down, relax, as in I wish you'd take some time and take the load off. A shortening of take the load off one's feet, this colloquial phrase dates from about 1940.

Yes. I hear that. I hear that and I GET that. So does this guy. This big guy has also got the picture. The big picture. Taking a load off, sitting quietly in solitude, gazing at the breaking dawn, focusing on.....nothing? your breath? dozing off? gratitude?  yes!! YES!!! all of it ....and none of it. 

just - pause. Take a load off. mentally. physically. and CERTAINLY emotionally.
15 minutes can mean the world to your ability to rejuvenate and replenish your SELF on all levels.

Engaging in personal meditation, group meditation, chakra balancing techniques, Self Reiki are all experienced methods in 'taking a load off' - stripping away of life's mental, physical, emotional and spiritual clutter.  Try it. Enjoy it. FEEL it and let it carry you away to .....  your SELF.

Keep shining!
Stacey MacDonald is a Reiki Master providing Reiki treatment and Reiki Training from Oakville, ON