Thursday, January 12, 2012

Savour the sparkle

Savour the sparkle. Indulge yourself in wonder. Allow your Self to be awed by the beauty around you. Stare openly at marvellous happenings. Drink in the miraculous ways in which we are shown we are all connected. Allow the wave of acceptance to wash over you as you allow your Self to be shown different ways, better ways, more simple ways.....of 'be'ing. Slow down and savour the sparkle. See it and FEEL it in the conversations around you. Show it in the smile you give, a shared comment, a mutual 'nothing'.  A feeling of belonging, of comradery, of partnership and friendship with mutual benefit .... feel the glow. See it, feel it, be it - be the sparkle.  Be it for someone else. Be it for your Self. and savour it.
Shine on my friends. :)