Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hold on tight to your dreams....

Man, I love that song! and I woke up with it playing in my head this morning and it's been on a 'loop' all naturally, the message comes with it and here it is!....
If you have a dream....then it is yours to hold on to. Don't let it go. Don't let it fade away. Hold it up there and out there for everyone to see!  (especially you - YOU have to be able to see and feel and examine and appreciate and get accustomed to your dream being a daily part of YOU) It is real. It is palpable.
Do you remember a dream you used to have...YEARS AGO!! DECADES back....well, start clearing away the rubble, reach way down and RESURRECT that dream! It IS YOURS and you have every right to it. Once it is dusted it off, you will find that you have every bit the connection to it that you had before....dialling back through the years - this dream rekindles the spark and fire within you that you have not seen or felt for a long while....this dream is worth holding on to - hold on tight.
This dream....
Has it happened yet? no. Are there steps that have led you closer to it? maybe. Will there be more steps shown to you that will lead you even closer? 
ONLY IF YOU ALLOW YOUR SELF TO SEE, FEEL AND HOLD ON TIGHT TO YOUR DREAM every day. It IS  a part of you. Your dream was placed within you for a reason. Your Angel Team have given you this dream and they will give you the steps, opportunities, 'chance encounters' that will lead you closer to achieving it.
YOU DON'T HAVE TO KNOW 'the how'!!! (HOW will I achieve this? HOW will I ever be able to raise enough money/influence/talent/confidence to GET there? WHAT IS MY PLAN?)
no plan.
just believe.
Believe that your dream was given to you
for a reason
and your plan???? 
is to BELIEVE in it.
is to BELIEVE in you.
HOLD on tight to your dreams.
Thank you E.L.O.
and thank you Angels....
I believe I will.