Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Break away! Be free!  Follow your intuition!  Stay? Go? 
Bottom line is....there is sometimes just as much to be gained from 'staying in the line up' as there is to .... breaking away - at a gallop!
Some days when you are standing in the lineup, the way forward seems slow and tedious - though predictable and not even a little bit uncomfortable or scary....WHY?  because you are with the group. you are THE SAME. you take one on the chin? the group takes one on the chin. all good.  ...sometimes.

Some days you wake up and you go to take your place in the lineup and.....THE LINEUP IS GONE!  wha?! where did the?!? 
This is the type of scenario that your Angels will place in front of you if you have had difficulty breaking free from the lineup previously.  You see, EVEN IF you are in the lineup day after day, week after week, it is SO IMPORTANT to break the line, cut the line, TAKE OFF for a little while to go where you intuition is calling you (Your Angel team will also inspire you with ideas, inspirations for said 'breaks' and/or tempt you with different groups of friends, associates, learning environments, weekend getaways etc ....LISTEN AND ACT WHEN THEY GIVE YOU THESE TIPS!!! Chances are....you NEED to break the line!)
When you get used to 'breaking the line' now and then - your days become more interesting, you feel invigorated, challenged, infused with your own sense of direct communication with your Angels and guides....they are ALWAYS looking out for YOU and finding areas for you where you are able to GROW, RECHARGE and BE INSPIRED.
So, yes! EnJOY the lineup AND enJOY turning 90 degrees and 'breaking the line' whenever you hear your intuition directing you :)
Shine on!