Friday, January 13, 2012

2012 - the year to GET REAL

So this is it - this is the year. Sure, other years have been about other things - maybe losing weight, maybe getting that promotion, maybe ordering up that renovation, maybe trying to be in the 'popular group',  finally taking that course you have wanted to for awhile, find the relationship you have always dreamed of hopefully with 'the one', plan that dream vacation, get a permanent postition at a job of your choice, plan more free time.....and on and on and on....
This year truly has the potential to be 'the end of the world as we know it....and I feel fine' (thank you R.E.M.) except the type of  'end' we are talking about is having the ability to put an end to any and all pretenses ...... AND!  We all have the power to feel MORE than fine, better than fine.....fantastic in fact, better than ever.  We all have and hold the POTENTIAL for this to be true.....will you meet the challenge?

Turns out, not much of a challenge actually and more of a PERSPECTIVE CHANGE. This challenge does not require any muscle or mental stamina, hours of studying and documenting, striving against the odds to make it to the finish line........ahhhhhhhh, no.
This 'challenge' is all about opening up and tweaking your perspective of who you are - more importantly who you THINK you are.... to your Self, to others, for others, in front of others vs. in front of Self, how you communicate, demonstrate your talents and strengths, show your weakness, how you present your Self (to others and to your Self) etc.
  Is it really YOU? 
Dial back a little while, a long while, minutes, days, years, decades, a few decades (ha! dating myself!!) does THAT you measure up to TODAY'S you?  does one recognize the other?  have you completely morphed?  Is there a way to 'keep the good points' and 'drop some other points' that may not be working for you as well as you had hoped??' 
Time to GET REAL folks. BE YOU. period. Be polished you, confident you, happy you, sad you, frustrated you, worried you, celebratory you, awkward you, stick-your-foot-in-your-mouth you (but have the best intentions you!!) -almost like awkward you but sometimes this bears mentioning twice! ESPECIALLY when we are first getting comfortable putting REAL US out there ....YES! there are going to be some 'cringe faces' (usually done to Self) but DON'T put your Self back in the closet yet!! KEEP GOING! 
and be proud of ALL OF YOU that you put out there. You are being YOU honestly, clearly, cleanly and living with the best of intentions for all you encounter and are able to shine your 'best you' forward. 
CELEBRATE THAT! and feel the simple and energizing energy that comes along with it!
Thank you for taking time to share with the REAL ME and I thank you for sharing the REAL YOU.
Shine on.