Thursday, December 22, 2011

Take your minute!!

Yup. if you've got a minute - take a minute. Don't have a minute?  Take one anyway. (Guess what? EVERYBODY has a minute.  You are just kidding your Self if you are telling yourself otherwise)

  • OM on the subway. why not? 
  • eyes closed at the office - deep breath in - deeper breath out.....hold.......shoulders coming down......what's that?  your client is asking you what exactly you are doing?  haha!! keep are 'TAKING YOUR MINUTE'!!!
  • hot tea steaming up your glasses as you rest your favourite mug at your chin, both hands warming on the sides and drift off to your favourite retreat in your minds eye...............
  • hands resting on the keyboard, your eyes glaze over and your gaze falls down and you 'fuzz over' mentally allowing your Self to rest from the 'busybusy'.....for your minute.....
  • pulling into the parking spot at the mall, you shut off the car and leaning your head back you allow your hands to rest in your lap, closing your eyes, smiling a little to your Self, you 'give your Self the nod' to take your minute.....
That minute is precious - don't also make it 'rare'.  Visit that minute OFTEN and enJOY.
Shine into your minute
and afterwards, SHINE INTO someone else's minute.
Thank you for letting my SHINE into yours.