Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sometimes things get really 'too much'!

Too much of people, too much of situations, too much of emailing, too much of the phone ringing and requesting your presence or another 'favour', too much of boardroom meetings, too much traffic, too much of too much......
you are full. to the brim. and wherever you look in whatever direction you look in there is more, more, MORE to be done, to do, to see, to speak with, to cross off the list......!!!!!

Look up. Don't look around! Wildly turning in circles looking for the break, the way out!   LOOK UP!
Up is where 'the break' more dark obstacles standing in your way forward.  Face turned up to the Light shining in through the trees - all of a sudden.....! Yes!! your mind is clear, the brow unfurrows, the lips separate a small bit and start to .... smile? yes :) a small one is DEFINITELY forming!! Gaze intently to the Light as you continue to feel the stressors and to-do's and demands of the day slide off of your physical, emotional and spiritual Self.....keep looking - stay focused....and as you do so....a wonderful thing happens......NOW the Light is STILL above you but ALSO WITHIN you. You have RECEIVED it. By looking up, by stopping the 'whirling' and looking up.  nice.

Your own Light within you NOW knows the way clearly and surely through the forest. Your Self is now strongly guided forward and suddenly ....KNOWS the path!  and it is not without its obstacles to be sure but with this strength, compassion and confidence in your connection with Source...they are EASIER to step over. 
Today -  look up!  and restore your Light! :)
and then Shine it into your Path!!