Friday, December 16, 2011

QUIET contemplation

very interesting this being still. Still in the body. Still in the mind.  The whole world still working away at peak capacity all around you and you sit - being still. Honouring your Self by doing so. Taking time to tip your hat to your Spiritual Self and your Divine Source. Feel the connection and warm to it.
Taking time to allow your emotional Self to fully enJOY being in your state of NOW.....and resting. so loose this feeling of letting go - such a relief.
Taking time to feel your physical Self release muscle by muscle, joint by joint, cell by cell coming into a state of 'physical liquidity'.....rejuvenate and renew in this way....taking time and honouring the quiet.
Breathe in the quiet.
Quietly contemplate your state of NOW.
Shining quietly :) .... I SHINE back to you