Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's nearly 2012 :) ANSWER THE DOOR!!

How many times have you heard that call through the house "ANSWER THE DOOR!!!"
The doorbell is ringing, has rung, there is a persistent knock at the door and (as you are geographically farthest from the door) you wait patiently (somewhat) to hear footsteps from said roommate/husband/wife/kids as someone else goes to answer the door.....nothing.  and so you 'direct' them "ANSWER THE DOOR"!!
wow.  SO MANY analogies here as our Angels are directing us at this moment of the upcoming New Year - this brilliant beginning to 2012!
Here's the thing...
the DOOR has always been there and periodically we all have heard someone on the other side knocking and knocking (sometimes fist banging!) for us to open the door. Take the first step. OPEN THE DOOR A CRACK AND JUST SEE.......get an idea for what is possible.
I had a dream a long time ago where I was standing on my front lawn and there was an enormous stone wall with a door in the middle.  I approached the wall and the door all the while looking at the magnitude of the virtual fortress that had appeared before me. I levelled my gaze and stood staring at the door - it was calling to me to open it ..... I looked down and noticed the key was already in the door, the key had already been turned and light was pouring around the keyhole....I was nearly there!  I put my hand on the doorknob and turned it expectantly and as I did so.......the key fell out of the lock into my hand and the ENTIRE stone wall started to crumble and let go and as I looked up I saw the wall caving in ..... what did I do????  Well, I panicked and fumbling and fumbling around I managed to get the key the right side up and stick it BACK IN THE LOCK and the wall?...... 'righted itself'. Each stone back in place, higher and stronger than ever. The light around the keyhole was gone. The door firmly shut. And I??......BREATHED A SIGH OF RELIEF.  I was safely back in my front yard staring at a stone wall that, while it called to me now and then, I would never know what was on the other side.  Maybe something better. Probably something better. However, it would take a bit of an 'upset' to get there. I was just not willing to do that.
That was my dream years and years ago as I was growing up. I have never forgotten it because even though I was very young - it left me with the feeling of 'I blew it'. I messed up. I had a real opportunity there within my grasp however ..... phew! I was able to turn my back on it and now find myself back where I started - 'safe in my rut'???  (wow. brutal)
Never mind, the cool thing is - this dream got me ready, REALLY READY for 'the door' to knock in my 'real life', my waking life.  
NOW - When my door knocks, I answer it!
If my whole family/friends/work associates all hear the same knock and all get to the door at the same time?.....BEAUTIFUL!! synchronicity in action!! all the better!
Sometimes, learning the lesson of 'not answering' is a timely and appropriate one. If you have not answered the door in the past and you KNOW in your heart that you were meant to...and still did not.....THAT'S OK!
Your Angels put that lesson there for you so you could assess HOW that made you FEEL and as you tuck that experience in your portfolio, you will be able to apply those feelings to your reaction when there is ANOTHER KNOCK AT THE DOOR.
Because there will be.
another knock at the door.
and when you hear it?
you will be READY TO ANSWER.
Welcome 2012 knocking at your door - you are ready.
Shining from my door to yours :)

Stacey MacDonald is a Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner in Oakville, Ontario